Is chaos ruining your mornings?

Does your day start with stress and a lack of focus? Do you feel your mornings start a hot mess and your day never gets better? It’s time to make a change. It’s time for Smart Mornings. Discover how you can transform your morning chaos to morning calm and success with Smart Mom Smart Mornings.

A 30-Day Plan for Your Success

Changes to your morning routine don’t happen in just one morning. 

If you are tired of morning madness and routines that don’t work, then you need a plan to help succeed. Smart Mom Smart Mornings is for you.

Here’s an outline of the plan:

Part I: Getting Started Right

Day 1: Why change your mornings?

Day 2: What is the perfect morning?

Day 3: The importance of commitment

Day 4: The alarm is ringing….

Day 5: When does a smart morning start

Day 6: Smart mornings start the night before

Day 7: Start with small changes

Day 8: Read your Bible and pray

 Part II: From Chaos to Calm

 Day 9: Set a routine that works for you

Day 10: The importance of getting up before your kids

Day 11: Set your daily priorities

Day 12: Focus on what’s important, not on what’s urgent

Day 13: Take care of you with self-care

Day 14: Eat a healthy breakfast

Day 15: Add exercise: 20 minutes is perfect for busy moms

Day 16: Have a daily rotation: every morning doesn’t have to be the same

Day 17: Get your kids involved

Day 18: Give yourself margin time

Day 19: Plan for the unexpected

Day 20: Enjoy the sunrise

Day 21: Take a walk and solve problems

Part III: From Calm to Morning Success

Day 22: Do monthly planning during your morning time

Day 23: Develop long-term goals

Day 24: Create a 90-day plan to reach your long-term goals

Day 25: Time block your morning time to get more done

Day 26: Guard your mornings, avoid distractions

Day 27: Adjust with the seasons of life (babies not sleeping, work schedules)

Day 28: Don’t copy someone else’s morning plan – create your own

Day 29: Morning success takes time, don’t quit

Day 30: Refine your mornings: what’s working, what’s not working

Bonus Day: Making the most of every morning



Here's what you'll learn From Smart Mom Smart MoRnings:

  • Why your morning time is the most valuable time of the day
  • How to create your own unique smart morning routine and end your morning chaos
  • The simple mindset change that will improve your morning and entire day
  • Success strategies to overcome your morning challenges
  • How to set real daily priorities and get more done
  • How to create your short and long term goals
  • How to use your short and long term goals to achieve maximum results during your morning hours
Are you ready to take your mornings from chaos to calm? Get Smart Mom Smart Mornings and start your morning makeover today.

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Mornings don’t have to feel out of control. Smart Mom Smart Mornings will teach you have to have morning peace and success5


Get your copy of Smart Mom Smart Mornings and the companion workbook today for just $7. End your morning chaos and take control of this valuable time each day. The companion workbook will help you create the smart morning routine you need for success.

Mornings can be the most productive time in your day. Get started now with Smart Mom Smart Mornings and the companion workbook7

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